Having a cake can instantly change your mood. Cake is a happy thing. It can lift up your mood in a few seconds. Having a cake is pleasurable and baking a cake is also not less pleasurable than that.  But if baking is not a foray then one can easily order cakes from shops and bakeries.

Birthdays without cakes are always incomplete. At least these days, one cannot think of a birthday without a cake. We light candles, make a wish before blowing them out and then cut the cake. It has been a ritual since a long time. One can make a list of bakeries in Navi Mumbai form where they can order birthday cakes.

According to many food historians, the story is that the first ever birthday cake was made in Germany in Middle Ages. This is because way back then, only Germans used to celebrate a child’s birthday and used to make a cake which they used to call by the name Kinder fest. At that time, the cakes which were made looked more like a bread product, only it tasted much sweeter than usual bread. It is also said that it was a ritual only in the rich aristocrat families because the ingredients that were needed to bake a cake then were not easily available and were highly expensive. Normal people could not afford it and only royal and rich families could afford birthday cakes during then. But, later in 18th century, baking ingredients and utensils became more easily available and thus, it became more affordable as well.

But there is nothing better than a handmade cake in happy occasions like birthdays. You can bake a nice one for your near and dear ones and here are some good ideas for cakes which you can bake at home and surprise your loved ones on their birthdays. Go for some fluffy and sticky cakes which are at its best taste when you think of birthday cakes in Navi Mumbai.

Here are some options as well. One can go for the delicious Pineapple Cake. This is because fresh fruits always work in a cake baking process. They add freshness to the cake. This cake is a moist one with whipped cream. The topping has to be full of juicy pineapple slices which will make the guests fall in love with the cake. If the person you are baking the cake for is purely a chocolate lover, then Chocolate Fudge Cake can be the best one for their birthdays. This cake has a lot of chocolate layers and on addition to that, it has chocolate fudge frostings on that as well. This also has a chocolate ganache and that is why; it is a pure chocolate treat for those who want to eat it.

If you have the knack to bake a cake then go for it. There are plenty of recipes available online and there are many cook books available which have special dessert sections dedicated to innovative cake recipes. Pick any one from then and go ahead. It is not a very difficult thing to bake a cake. But yes, it is better to choose an easy recipe with all the available ingredients if you are baking for the first time. Otherwise, there are birthday cake shops in Navi Mumbai which can be your saviour.